Skin Brightening USL and Rosehip PLUS

Caithy Organics

Skin brightening set USL and Rosehip PLUS

- Bright Cleansing Lotion - 200ml

- Skin brightening exfoliator - 100ml

- Ultra Skin Lightener (USL) - 50ml

- Rosehip Oil Brightening +  30ml

This is a complete brightening skincare routine set. Cleanse your skin daily morning and night. Exfoliate once or twice a week. Apply Rosehip Oil Brightening Plus to repair and hydrate. Moisturise with USL for uneven skin tone and to control hyperpigmentation. Cleanse again in the evening to remove impurities and pollution residue. Apply Oil or Moisturize. 

Suitable for all skin type. 

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